Turn Summer Survival Essentials Into Giveaways for Your Upcoming Events

It’s really not as simple as throwing on your sneakers and heading out for a day of fun when summer rolls around – unless you’ve already packed a bag with water, sunscreen, bug spray, and a few other essential items that might come in handy. When it comes to spending long hot days in the sun, it really pays to think ahead and you can help your patients, volunteers, event attendees and staff stay prepared and, as a result, healthy all summer long.

We’ve assembled a short list of some of the most important summer essentials that you can offer at your next event to help your attendees avoid mishaps and remember your organization at the same time. Here are our 6 favorite giveaways for summer survival.

Insect Repellent Spray with Clip Cap, 10ml.

When the heat sets in, no one is safe from mosquito bites. So, why not give out your own custom printed insect repellent spray at your next outdoor event. This DEET-free formula is made with delicate a cedarwood scent to gently ward off those pesky bugs without any harsh chemicals. Your full-color logo will be front and center with every use.

Tropical SPF-30 Sunscreen with Carabiner, 1oz.

Something else no one is safe from without proper protection is over-exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. An SPF 30 sunscreen can extend the amount of time that it’s safe to be out in the sun and help reduce the risks of skin damage and even some types of skin cancer. Our Tropical SPF-30 Sunscreen with Carabiner can help you show them you care, while boldly displaying your logo in full color.

Pop Top Aloe Gel, 1oz.

When SPF sunscreen protection fails, the best thing for irritated skin is pure, refreshing and soothing aloe gel. These Pop Top Aloe Gels will be a welcome addition to your summertime events with appreciative eyes all focused on your custom printed message.

Sporty Pouch First Aid Kit

As kids head off to the local swimming pool or hop on their bikes with friends, it will go a long way for peace of mind to know they have a simple first aid kit tucked away in their backpacks. These Sporty Pouch First Aid Kits will help you score extra points with parents at all your summer events!

Band-It Sporty Ring Bottle, 28 oz.

Staying hydrated in the summer heat will help you avoid fatigue or heat sickness. Our 28-ounce Band-It Sporty Ring Bottle can help individuals keep track of their daily intake of water 4 removable colored bands at the bottom. Simply remove a bad after finishing and refilling the bottle to know exactly how much water has been consumed at any point in the day.

ICE Cooling Wrap Sport Towel, 12″ x 32″

Another great way of reducing the risk of overheating and developing heat sickness under the summer sun is by using an cooling wrap or towel. These innovative accessories provide a cooling sensation that lasts for hours when immersed in water. Great for after workouts, during hikes or for working outdoors! What’s more, your full-color imprint is included on one side of the wrap.

These are just a few of the extremely useful summer essentials that your event attendees will thank you for. Shop our collections of promotional personal care products and summer swag to find the perfect fit for your practice or health organization, today!

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