Our Favorite Podiatry Practice Promotional Products

If you work at a podiatry practice, you may think that finding a unique promotional giveaway that is suited to your individual field of medicine is a difficult task. Well, Health Promotions Now would like to tell you that nothing could be further from reality. We have put together a collection of top-quality promotional gifts specifically designed with your business in mind, and here are some featured products from our podiatry practice promotions and foot health store.

Pedicure and Foot Spa Kits

If you are interested in giving a gift that is evocative of comfort and luxury, than the Pedicure Spa Kit and the Foot Pamper to Go set are right on point. The Pedicure Spa Kit includes a pumice stone, an emery board, two toe separators and a flower sponge all neatly packed into a polycanvas and mesh pouch that is available in an assortment of stylish colors and patterns. The Foot Pamper to Go set is a Chinese take-out style box that holds foot soak salts, cool mint foot lotion, a mini wooden foot massager, a peppermint tea packet and a Reflexology foot massage chart. Both gift sets are very reasonably priced, but we also have the Little Piggies Pedicure Pack for practices who would like to achieve the same effect with their patients with a smaller budget.

Foot Stress Balls

Stress reliever shapes are all the rage in the world of promotional products, providing a fun way to relieve stress for recipients and plenty of exposure for marketable businesses or medical practices. The Foot Stress Ball is no exception and is perfectly suited to any podiatry office who really wants to step up their marketing campaign. This product has a novelty quality that will keep a patient or colleague’s attention while also providing optimal space for your logo or important custom message.

Foot Coffee Mug

Novelty coffee mugs are products that consumers love to collect and the Footsie Ceramic Mug is as novelty as a mug can get. If you are interested in tying hot beverage drink ware into your promotional marketing strategy, than this is the perfect mug for a podiatry practice. The innovative, foot based ceramic mug is available in your choice of one of 22 different glazes. Between the wide range of color options and the addition of your custom logo, you can really make this product your own.

Foot Themed Magnets

There is no doubt that a custom magnet can take your practice’s name and brand to a household level. Health Promotions Now provides versions of this powerful marketing tool that can work for virtually any type of business or practice and we certainly didn’t forget about podiatry. The Foot Shaped Magnet and Cartoon Footprints Design Full Color Magnet were meant for your field of practice. Hand out this unique twist on a promotional calling card to really impress your audience and have them keeping your name in mind.

These are just a few of our favorite foot health themed custom giveaways. There are many more promotional products in our podiatry practice promotions store, all of which are worth being considered as a possible part of your marketing strategy. Nonetheless, however you decide, you are already making an important step in the direction of promotional marketing success.

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